We are all working together, that’s the secret

Is it possible to work passionately in your own company and grow this while at the same time be effective for an employer?cv voorblad for hire I really think it is. I believe that when you find your passion and live it, different domains in your life come together in a very natural way. Energy, commitment and loyalty are for me key to putting my skills and talents to use, and with a mission it is so much easier to focus. I am dedicated to find  employers that can benefit from my experience. To whoms mission I can contribute. As Sam Walton puts it ‘We are all working together, that’s the secret.’

I am compatible with the following types of organisations:

  • Institutions that provide training and education, such as schools, universities, L&D institutes.
  • Medical Scientific Research and Educational publishers and other platforms disseminating (peer reviewed) content
  • Cultural institutions such as musea, art centres
  • Hospitals and other health enhancing organisations such as research institutes and open access platforms.
  • All other organisations that aspire to bring more quality to lives.

Hire me for:

  • Temporary or longer term Marketing, Sales & Communication Projects (both support or lead);
  • Content writing & translation jobs;
  • Conference planning and attending;
  • Customer, Sales and Marketing Support;
  • One of the activities in Expressiefabriek such as creative teambuilding workshops, making art with children or a creative, expressive writing course

Acknowledged for my:

  • Open and eloquent communication
  • Ability to create movements
  • Creativity
  • Sweetness 🙂
  • Professionalism & dedication
  • Playing rather than playing safe
  • Practical skills to get the work done, to make it happen.

For more information & recommendations see my Linked in profile and/or invite me for cup of coffee.

Hope to hear from you!


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